I NEED A HEROO (hero poems, sloths, Brendon Urie, and music)


BRENDON (acrostic)

Us, we rejoice

Reuniting with the sound of his voice

Inventing the new world from the comfort in our rooms;

Everyone listens to how the sound blooms.


He serenades me,

Truth is loud, words are silent;

Fade into the tune

BLOG OF A SLOTH (couplet)

I like to be slow,

It’s my favorite job.

As long as I hang on,

I can can disguise myself like a moss glob


My toenails are too long,

I hate to shave.

Everyone says I look like a hairy ball.

It hurts.

I want to be accepted.

But I’m too lazy to try.

I guess no one likes sloths.



In a survey of around 1,00 adults in the U.S. , an estimated 82% reported doing regular chores when growing up, but only 28% said they require their own children to do chores. After hearing this study, do you think we should change the percentages?

Many writers and other people have discussed and argued over this topic. Some don’t even look at the issue from a child’s perspective. Some children will try very hard with chores, but the only recognizable aspect of this is that the majority of children will slack when it comes to chores.

As a child, I have always dreamed of helping others, but never had the opportunities or the guts to achieve it. In Costa Rica, a sloth sanctuary has been housing sloths for care and research and it’s always been my goal to go there, working with the delicate creatures and discover how they live. The problem is, I don’t have the money. Many of you are wondering, “what does this have to do with chores and money? Well, when I was growing up, I would always do chores, and I’d get in trouble if they were not completed. I also never got an allowance whatsoever, so I don’t know the emotional upbringing of getting money as a child. This brings me to my argument, should children now be paid for chores?

Writer Liz Wolf wrote an interesting article on this topic. She said “The earlier
Parents encourage their children to take an active role in the household, the easier it will be to get them involved as teenagers”. I think this brings another aspect to the controversy, but it still doesn’t answer the question, should children receive money for chores or get an allowance?

When I turned 15, my parents started giving me an allowance. To me, it was one of the greatest things. Every week I earned 15 dollars (I earned however much money alike to the age I was) and sometimes bonus if I completed a hearty task. I was very excited to save up and reach my goal.

A woman named Marty Rossman conducted a a study lasting over 25 years about the significance of chores and how they impact children at a young age. She hypothesized that if children had done chores s an early age, it would change their success in their mid thirties.she thought the children would be more adjusted, and she was correct. When the results came in, the percentages favored to the children who have done chores.

Now that you know chores give children certain advantages when they are adults, my main statement doesn’t have that much “proof”. Most people think kids should not be paid to do chores, and I agree. According to another recent study in 2012, 89% of all parents surveyed said they did make their children do chores, while only half said they gave an allowance. Again, all of these studies sho the opinions of adults. But what’s so bad about allowances?

This is now 5 years later, and I’m on my way to Costa Rica. If it wasn’t for allowances and my chores, I wouldn’t be able to achieve my life long dream. After 5 years of saving up my allowance, I finally get to see those delicate creatures I’ve always dreamt about.

This is is why I think children should grow up with chores in the household, but also learn spending habits at a young age with allowance. Even though chores do need something to make you feel accomplished, in the end, achieving your dream makes it all worth the while.

Music, and my opinions

Some people think music is just instruments and vocals, but honestly, there is an entire culture behind it. There are more genres of music than you can count, including jazz, rock, alternative, and soo many more. Music is basically my life. I haven’t gone a day without at least listening to one song. Music has a way of speaking to the listener, so the artist can convey an emotion, or a feeling. Some music is just made to be enjoyed. Most types of music try to explain a thought given by the writer of that music. That is exactly what I like about music. There isn’t just one type of music. There is something different for everyone. Music has even created giant subcultures for people who don’t quite fit in with other groups. I think the power of music goes above some people’s heads. The fact that music can make you laugh, cry, scream your heart out, or lull you to sleep. That’s what is amazing. Music may be just a sound, but it also a part of my life.

Deadly Damages

   It’s been ten years since I’ve rode into the dreary town. The air is still frigid and crisp.The trees whistle as a breeze comes along, which reminds me of the lies they told me. They used me. They made me believe in fate, in love. It was all a lie. I, Ichabod shall show them the truth. The ugly, gruesome, revolting truth. I won’t be the one getting hurt this time. I may be a sociopath, as my therapist says, but having no mercy is just how I am. I may be lanky, I may be ugly, but I’m strong. And Brom. That pathetic fake. He thought he could pose as a ghost and try to kill me! Ha! They should know that the result of studying dark magic is the immortality and resiliance to any pain. Katrina, she broke me. I found out she married Brom. Instead of me. But now, all she is to me is a pretty face with an ugly soul. I still love her, but she needs to pay. They will feel pain. The best kind, torture.
As I stride like a man ready for war on my horse, bigger than any one I own, for a more stronger figure. I then use my spells to call upon the one who is the rage in this town, The Headless Horseman. Immediately he rises from the dirt in A cloud of dark black smoke, like an ancient god rising from the underworld ready to take over. His horse is a dark brown, majestic and deadly all at once. His horse trots majestically towards me and stops. We both know it is time for revenge. It shall start at the witching hour, when me and my accomplice start the plan. We head toward Brom and Katrina’s mansion and notice two guards at the door. Immediately I charge, pulling out a black sword from my sheath and thrusting it into the left guards chest while the headless horseman pierced the other guards flesh. I can’t wait to take revenge on Brom’s whole family, even his two sons, and I know he will feel true pain. Yes, I’ve been labeled as a sociopath, yes, I may be crazy, and yes, I do love torture, but Brom deserves every drop of pain.                                                                                                                                                            I ask The Headless Horseman to scope out the house, making sure everyone is asleep before we head in. Both The Headless Horseman and I cloak ourselves to become invisible as ghosts.walking past the fallen guards, we silently creep up the stairs, aware of every noise. I ask him to do a quick favor for me; more torture of course. Finally I reach Brom’s room, where he shall dwell until his final day. Quietly I take out my Book of Death, given to me by my good friend who lives in the Underworld. Gently I pull out a strand of hair from his head and lay it on the page. Suddenly it starts to glow as I start the incantation. I start to see beads of sweat roll down Brom’s forehead, and I know it has begun.    You might be wondering what this particular spell does. Well, it’s beautiful, in the way that is is terrible and putrid. The longer the spell goes on the worse it gets. It allows him to feel pain without any torture in real time. The torture starts in his own mind. His nightmares can finally hurt him. He starts to scream. Yes. This is what I want. Beg for mercy. He calls Katrina’s name in tears and she runs into the room and gasps. Brom screams, “MAKE IT STOP!!” But I’ll never help him. Katrina holds his head up as he thrashes around in his bed, unable to speak due to the pain. I then take off my cloak to reveal myself to Katrina and she jumps back.

    “You.””Of course it’s me.” I grin and walk over to her and gently caress her face as a lonely tear slowly runs down her face. “Darling, don’t cry, at least you have one of your sons.”

Katrina gasps and runs down to her first sons room. Remember what I said about The Headless Horseman doing me a favor? That’s when her son comes in. Let’s just say we did a little bit of dress-up. She runs into the room and screams. “How could you do this! You’re a monster!”

I take a peek at the Horseman’s work. Clean cut, precisely placed next to her first born son, lays his head. He must’ve used a strong knife. Perfect. He even dressed him up in a hessian soldier costume like I asked. Amazing. My work here is done. Katrina goes to her other son and holds him tight. But he is the lucky one. I slit Katrina’s throat and watch her drop to the floor, blood oozing out of her neck. I gently pick up the two-month old baby boy. He looks like me. Big green eyes, skinny, and clumsy. I wrap him in a blanket and walk down the steps. I should probably clean the blood off my hands. Oh well. I step out the door and start to walk home. Oh, I almost forgot. I Start speaking an ancient spell. As I walk, the house sets on fire. I smile and the baby giggles. I win.